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Our warranty is designed to bring peace of mind to our customers. We take great care to ensure that our products will meet the expectations of specifiers, installers and end-users, but if this ever happens not to be the case we will promptly repair, replace or refund the value of any faulty product, as follows:

5 Years unlimited nvc lighting uk warranty seal

5-years, UNLIMITED
. All products identified with this mark carry a 5-year unlimited hours warranty.


5 year core NVC Lighting UK warranty seal

5-years, CORE. All products identified with this mark carry a 5-year warranty, limited to 20,000 running hours.

5 year lithium NVC Lighting UK warranty seal


5-years, LITHIUM. All products identified with this mark have lithium batteries and the lithium batteries themselves carry a 5-year warranty.



  • Faulty products. We warrant our product against faults in their design, materials and workmanship. If you believe you have a warranty claim, please contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product in the first instance.
  • Repair, replace or refund. At our discretion we will repair, replace or refund any product where a warranty claim is upheld, as follows:
    • Repair. Where a repair is carried out the repaired product’s warranty will be the remainder of the original warranty.
    • Replace. Where a repair is not practical or cost-effective we will offer a replacement. The replacement may be the same as the original product or, if that is no longer available, we will offer the nearest equivalent product. Where a product is replaced the warranty will be as for a new product with a full 5-years.
    • Refund. If the replacement we offer is not acceptable to the client we will provide a refund. The refund value will be the price paid to NVC Lighting for the product that is the subject of the warranty claim, net of all discounts, rebates etc.
  • 5-years. Our warranty is for 5 years from the date of installation.
  • For products covered by our 5-years unlimited warranty there is no exclusion based on the running hours.
  • For products covered by our 5-years core warranty the products are warranted for use up to 20,000 hours or 5-years, whichever comes first.
  • Our lithium batteries are warranted to provide the running duration for which they were intended (typically 3 hours) for 5-years from the date of instllation of the product in which they were supplied by NVC Lighting .


When we evaluate a warranty claim we will take account of the following conditions:

  • Products should be installed, maintained and tested in accordance with our instructions, local electrical installation regulations and generally accepted good installation practices. Failure to do this may invalidate the warranty.
  • Ambient temperature. Unless otherwise stated in our instruction leaflet or on the data sheet, all our products are for installation in an ambient temperature not exceeding 25º The minimum ambient temperature for emergency products is 0ºC.
  • Lumen depreciation. The L values (L80, L70 etc) we state are averages. This means that in any one installation it is to be expected that up to 50% of all fitting will achieve less than their stated L values at the end of their rated life (generally 100,000 hours or 50,000 hours), while the remainder will achieve more. This means that the failure of one fitting to achieve its L value at the end of the warranty period is not, on its own, a valid warranty claim. A warranty claim based on high lumen depreciation will only be considered if it relates the average of an entire installation of a product.


The following are excluded from our warranty:

  • Labour costs associated with removing and/or replacing products that are the subject of a valid warranty are excluded.
  • On-site costs, such as the hire of access equipment, associated with removing and/or replacing products that are the subject of a valid warranty are excluded.
  • Consequential losses and damages arising from faulty products including, but not limited to, costs associated with the closure of premises, loss of income, interruption of business and the compensation of staff and contractors are excluded.
  • Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Because the ways that NiCd batteries are used and tested (which are outside our control) have a significant impact on their lifespan they are excluded from this warranty. Lithium batteries, however, are included and carry a 5-year warranty.


If you believe you have a warranty claim, please contact the distributor from whom you bought the product in question. If the distributor is no longer in business you may contact NVC Lighting direct.

Please be ready to state when and where you purchased the product and other details such as the environment in which it is installed, the nature of the alleged fault, the product identification and the batch code or date of manufacture (to be found on the product label). We will do all we can to resolve the matter quickly.